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Assorted Gourmet Chocolate 1 lb.


Gourmet assorted chocolates 1 lb.

This assortment includes:
MK Cherry Cordials
DK Cherry Cordials
Mk Buckeyes
Mk Espresso
WH Espresso
MK Cashew Butter Cups
Mk Truffles
DK Truffles
MK Chewy Caramel
DK Chewy Caramel
Mk Orange Cup
MK Strawberry Cup
DK Blueberry Cup
MK Peanut Butter Cup
Mk Sea Salt Caramel Cup
Dk Sea Salt Caramel Cup
DK Toasted Coconut Cup
MK Coconut Cluster
MK Peanut Cluster
MK Cashew Cluster
Mk Pecan Daintie
WH Covered Almonds

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