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Donation Requests

Donation Requests


Waggoner Chocolates tries to accommodate as many charitable requests as possible.
Beginning January 1, 2014 all donation requests can only be answered via e-mail. Donation request can be sent via fax: 330-433-1836 or e-mail to:

Donation request must only include the following documents:
o Certified 501(c)(3) document (Not Tax-Except form)
o Phone number:
o E-mail address:
o Event date:
o Documents that describes your event and any other related documents.
o Donation requests must have at least 8 weeks lead-time.
o Personal donations cannot be accepted.

o Fundraising Services: Waggoner Chocolates supports a variety of simple fundraising
solutions to help generate profitable sales for your event.

Although we do pre-schedule donations throughout the year, due to the seasonality of our business we are not able to process donation requests October 15th through January 15th or during other seasonal events. Submission of a request does not guarantee that your request will be fulfilled.

We appreciate your support. Thank you.

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