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"If you can't choose which delicious chocolate treat you want, you don't have to anymore. This 3 lb. assorted box of individually wrapped chocolates will give you the perfect mix of decedent chocolate treats to choose from. This assortment includes: MK Cherry Cordials DK Cherry Cordials Mk Buckeyes Mk Espresso WH Espresso MK Cashew Butter Cups MK Almond Butter Cups Mk Truffles DK Truffles MK Chewy Caramel DK Chewy Caramel Mk Orange Cup DK Orange Cup MK Strawberry Cup DK Strawberry Cup DK Blueberry Cup WH Keylime Cream MK Peanut Butter Cup Mk Sea Salt Caramel Cup Dk Sea Salt Caramel Cup MK Toasted Coconut Cup DK Toasted Coconut Cup MK Coconut Cluster MK Peanut Cluster MK Cashew Cluster Mk Pecan Daintie WH Covered Almonds"

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