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If you love milk, dark and white chocolate buckeyes and can't choose - this is the box of chocolates for you. Our 3 lb. box of individually wrapped and assorted buckeyes will leave you with all the choices you need to satisfy every chocolate craving you may have. In equal parts milk, dark and white, this chocolate assortment is a great option for work events, house warming parties and any event where chocolate and peanut butter lovers will be in attendance. Waggoner's individually wrapped milk, dark and white assorted chocolate buckeyes are shipped from and freshly made in Canton, Ohio, the one and only Buckeye state. Orders over $59 qualify for free shipping. Make sure to check our shipping section to read more details on seasonal shipping logistics as we are committed to always shipping the highest quality products right to your front door.

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Richard L. Creviston Dec 27th 2019

Ohio Buckeyes

I am a native of North Canton, Ohio. Born there in 1925 at 110 Fifth Street. I am now retired and as you know living in Naples Florida. I am sharing the 6 pounds of buckeyes with my Ohio friends who reside here with me. We are enjoying every bite. Happy New Year to the North Canton Buckeyes. Remind me to order some next December. Dick Creviston.

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