Chocolate Fundraisers

Waggoner Chocolates fundraisers are dedicated to helping your organization meet and exceed goals all while sharing the most loved gift of chocolate. We put the "fun" into fundraising with our easy-to-use chocolate fundraising programs and offer all of our fundraising customer's unique opportunities to raise money for schools, groups, and/or organizations.

Waggoner Chocolates provides a variety of candy fundraiser assortments at various price points. Whether you are looking for a seasonal fundraiser, a unique Buckeye fundraiser, or a specialized custom program, we can create the perfect fundraising opportunities for sports teams, organizations and school groups looking to increase profits in a simple, easy and fun way.


Chocolate Bar Sales

Sharing the gift of chocolate bars through our fundraising opportunities make raising funds easy and fun for everyone.

  • Earn up to 50% profit for your organization
  • Chocolate bar flavors include: milk and dark buckeye bars and milk and dark chocolate sea salt caramel bars
  • Carrying case designed for easy selling anywhere you go
  • Unlimited profits with in-store products available for purchase at any time  (no waiting on orders to process and ship!)

Brochure Sales

Our seasonal four-color brochures feature a full line of products that are sure to make your sale a success!

Waggoner Chocolates gives you everything you need to get your sale started earning up to 50% profit:

  • Free color brochures for every member of your school or organization involved in the program
  • Easy to use three-part order forms, provide easy documentation management
  • High quality products backed by Waggoner Chocolate's guarantee
  • Orders pre-packed for each participant
  • Flexible delivery schedules

Call today for more information on the above fundraising options or to talk through a completely customized solution for your fundraising needs. We are available Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm EST at 888-591-9842. 

Thank you for choosing quality to support your organizational fundraising needs.

Best Regards,


Cedric J. Waggoner,