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Waggoner Wrapped Chocolates are ALWAYS MADE FRESH - TELL A FRIEND - List your flavors by number in the comments section during checkout and we'll pack your gift of chocolate fresh today! Free shipping during the Winter shipping season! USE code OHIO2 at checkout.Free shipping with your order of $59.00 or more: NOTE:There are specific est. pieces per lb. - Your assortment request CAN BE PACKED 1/4 lb. per flavor or 16 FLAVORS per 4 lb. gift of chocolate. Thank you. If you have any questions please contact customer service at 1-888-591-9842.

204DK Blue Berry Dark

271MK Buckeyes Milk

271DK Buckeyes Dark

271WH Buckeyes White

229MK Caramel Milk

229DK Caramel Dark

229MKSS Caramel SEA SALT Milk

229DKSS Caramel SEA SALT Dark

229WHSS Caramel SEA SALT White

206DK Caramel Liquid Dark

206MK Caramel Liquid Milk

263MK Cashew Cluster Milk

231Mk Cherry Cream Milk

223WH Coconut Haystack White

200MK Coconut Haystack Milk

207MK Espresso Fudge Milk

209MK Hot Fudge Milk

264WH Key Lime Cream White

201MK Marshmallow Milk

218DK Marshmallow Dark

232MK Orange Cream Milk

232DK Orange Cream Dark

228MK Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers Milk

202MK Peanut Cluster Milk

225DK Peanut Cluster Dark

247MK Pecan Cluster Milk

249MK Peanut Butter & Jelly

236MK Peppermint Cream Milk

236DK Peppermint Cream Dark

216WH Pretzel Cluster White

215MK Pretzel Cluster Milk

259WH Pretzels Large (apr. 31g each) White

260MK Pretzels Large (apr. 31g each)Milk

203MK Raisin Cluster Milk

245DK Raisin Cluster Dark

233MK Raspberry Cream Milk

233DK Raspberry Cream Dark

210MK Signature Mint Milk

226DK Signature Mint Dark

246MK Turtle Peanut Caramel Dainties Milk

248MK Turtle Pecan Caramel Dainties Milk

262MK Turtle Cashew Caramel Dainties Milk

234MK Vanilla Cream Milk

235DK Vanilla Cream Dark 

224MK Graham Cracker Milk

224DK Graham Cracker Dark

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9 Reviews

Andrea Heyen Apr 16th 2020

4lb build your own

A lot of them melted, Im guessing to long in truck!!!

Betty Jo Mowbray Apr 14th 2020

Milk Chocolates

What a treat to get milk chocolate only assortment...and to have a choice. Thanks for the "free" shipping, appreciated. We love all your candy, we of course, have favorites, but they are all excellent and keep very well. Once you have had great chocolates, you never want the drug store box candy again!

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