Waggoner Wrapped Chocolates are ALWAYS MADE FRESH - TELL A FRIEND - List your flavors by number in the comments section during checkout and we'll pack your gift of chocolate fresh today! NOTE:There are specific est. pieces per lb. - Your assortment request CAN BE PACKED 1/2 lb. per flavor or 8 FLAVORS per 4 lb. gift of chocolate. Thank you. If you have any questions please contact customer service at 1-888-591-9842.

200MK Coconut Haystack Milk 200WH Coconut Haystack White 201DK Marshmallow Dark 201MK Marshmallow Milk 202DK Peanut Cluster Dark
202MK Peanut Cluster Milk 202WH Peanut Cluster White 203DK Raisin Cluster Dark 203MK Raisin Cluster Milk 204DK Blueberry Cream Dark
206DK Liquid Caramel Dark 206MK Liquid Caramel Milk 209MK Hot Fudge Milk 210DK Signature Mint Dark 210MK Signature Mint Milk
211MK Strawberry Cream Milk 215MK Pretzel Cluster Milk 215WH Pretzel Cluster White 224DK Graham Cracker Dark  224MK Graham Cracker Milk
228MK PB Sandwich Cracker Milk 229DK Chewy Caramel Dark 229MK Chewy Caramel Milk 229DKSS Sea Salt Caramel Dark 229MKSS Sea Salt Caramel Milk
229WHSS Sea Salt Caramel White 230MK Butter Cream Milk 231DK Cherry Cream Dark 231MK Cherry Cream Milk  232DK Orange Cream Dark
232MK Orange Cream Milk 233DK Raspberry Cream Dark 233MK Raspberry Cream Milk 234MK Vanilla Cream Milk 236DK Peppermint Cream Dark
236MK Peppermint Cream Milk 244MK Maple Cream Milk 246MK Peanut Caramel Daintie Milk 247MK Pecan Cluster Milk 248MK Pecan Caramel Daintie Milk
260MK Large Pretzel Milk 260DK Large Pretzel Dark 262MK Cashew Caramel Daintie Milk 263MK Cashew Cluster Milk 264WH Key Lime Cream White
 266DK Solid Square Orange Dark 267DK Solid Square Dark  267MK Solid Square MIlk 271DK Buckeye Dark  271MK Buckeye Milk
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39 Reviews

Diane Apr 2nd 2024

Amazing chocolate

The easter gift was loved by my family. They are looking forward to making samores with the chocolate grahams. Thank you so much fir your products we have purchased over the years.

Kris Jan 15th 2024

Out of this world!

I am a very huge chocolate fan but have a very sensitive stomach so it’s hard to find chocolate that doesn’t leave me in pain for days. This is the first company I’ve tried that I was able to try every flavor without having to worry about the aftermath. I’ve never liked caramel however when we got our first box during the holidays I tried the dark chocolate sea salted caramel and was blown away!

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