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Waggoner's Real Dark Chocolate Dainties are made fresh using the finest roasted whole nuts, kitchen cooked caramel and real Swiss formula chocolate. Select from your choice of pecans, cashews and peanuts in 3 different sizes. The signature turtle, one of our finest accomplishments, is sure to please the most sophisticated consumer. Waggoner's Dainties are the experience of a lifetime, sit back and enjoy real dark chocolate, handcrafted caramel and fresh roasted nuts direct from the factory. Simply spectacular.

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7 Reviews

Ricky Perry Jun 24th 2024

Impossible Taste

Never, Never, Never, have I ever had such a wonderful, delicious, delightful tasting candy as I have with Waggoner. The deep dark chocolate aroma is unheard of. I've ordered this product many times and I have not been disappointed at all. Thank you Waggoner for being so true to yourself and your customers.

Lou Lasselle Oct 7th 2023

Pecan Dainties

I have ordered these dark chocolate dainties several times because they are delicious and I'm never disappointed. I could eat the whole box in one sitting but I limit myself to one a day because I'm diabetic and have to watch my diet. I will continue to order these for as long as they are available. Thank you for offering such a supreme product!

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